Формирование читательской грамотности

Автор: Насибулина Кристина Дмитриевна

Организация: МАОУ СОШ № 5

Населенный пункт: Челябинская область, г. Сатка

    A tiger is a wild c_t. The tiger is orange with bl_ck or brown stripes and its fur keeps it warm  (согревает) during cold weather. It hides (прячется) in tall grass and hunts (охотится) big _nimals like deer (олень) for its food. It lives in Asia and is the national animal of India. Tigers like to swim in water. They are beautiful animals.


    This is a picture of a p_nguin. A penguin is a bird. Penguins can’t fly. They live in the Antarctic. Feathers (перья) h_lp penguins stay warm (сохранять тепло) in cold weather. Their size helps too. They are fat! The penguin is black and white. Penguins don’t sleep during the day. They like to sleep at night. They swim fast and catch (ловят) food in the sea. They eat small fish and can stay under water for fiv_  minutes.


  Th_s is an African lion (лев). These animals are b_g with light brown fur. Lions eat meat and they sleep during the day. African lions l_ve in the south (юге) of the Sahara Desert. A mother lion stays with her cubs (детеныши) for three years. A lion likes to jump with its cubs.


Задание 1. Понимание и анализ

What are these stories about? Choose the right answer. (О чем эти рассказы? Выберите правильный ответ).


  1. The wild animals
  2. The pets
  3. The school


Задание 2. Знание

Fill in: a, e, i. (Вставьте пропущенные буквы).


Задание 3. Знание

Answer the question. Where do these animals live? (Ответь на вопрос: Где живут эти животные?)


  1. A tiger lives in _______________________ .
  2. A penguin lives in ________________________ .
  3. A lion lives in ___________________________ .

Задание 4. Понимание текста

Read the texts again and complete the table. (Прочитай тексты еще раз и заполни таблицу).



What colour is it?

What does it eat?

What does it like to do?














Задание 5. Знание

Choose a pet and complete the fact file. (Выберите питомца и заполните таблицу).


Задание 6. Знание.

What animals live in your region? (Какие животные живут в вашем регионе?)

Write down these animals in English. (Напишите этих животных на английском).


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  • ______________________
  • ______________________
  • ______________________
  • ______________________
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